Hey, Dear Friend

We're excited that you are coming in. You're probably hungry so let's get started!

First, a few information about us...

We have successfully delivered meals to hundreds of thousands of customers in Shanghai since 2006. Our order-taking ladies are all fluent in English, our couriers are polite and speedy. Our menu offers highest-grade of most popular foods available in Shanghai, as well as a large selection of wholesale cost soft drinks, beer, wine and liquor.

Operating Hours

We open 365days, from 10:30am-22:30pm. The daily operating hours and the holiday special operating hours of each restaurant are all noted on the site. Some restaurants have rest time in the afternoon, you can also place preorder online for later when the restaurant is open again. Delivery of drinks and wine until 22:30pm.
All of Mealbay restaurants are open during those times, unless otherwise noted on their menus. Some restaurants are open earlier or later than Mealbay, which we do not list on their menus.

Happy Hour

Half Delivery Fee: Your order over 100RMB during 10:30-16:30 on working days Monday to Friday will get half delivery fee(no more than 30RMB).
No Delivery Fee: You will get free delivery fee(15RMB) if drinks and wine order is over 150RMB.
Free Soft Drink: Your order over every 100RMB,you can get a free soft drink. You can choose from coke,sprite,diet coke,coke zero or mineral wate.

How to place an order?

1. App Order : Scanning to Download App and simply register, you will enjoy the convenience of APP ordering with ability.
2. Online Order : Simply register on our website, you will enjoy the convenience of online ordering with ability to add special request to each dish. You can also check all previous online orders and add reviews to those meals.
3. Phone Order : If you experience troubles with the website, or you would like to call us to order, please dial 400-820-3727, our order-taking ladies will be very glad to serve you even if you don't have a menu book on your hand. Please keep our hotline number 400-820-3727 in your phonebook, many times we help our customers when they have no idea about explaining their home address to taxi drivers.

What is the delivery fee?

Delivery fees start at 15rmb. If your fees start at 15rmb, they will increase for restaurants further than 3.5km from your address. Just enter street name, and street No. on the front page of our website to see your full delivery fee list. Please order from restaurants with the lowest possible delivery fee whenever possible. Higher delivery fees mean you are farther from the restaurant-and it means the food quality will suffer, and the delivery will take longer.

How long will it take?

Your food will be delivered to you, on average, in 45 minutes. However, if your order is very large or you live very far from the restaurant (and your delivery fee is over 15rmb), you may want to order an hour in advance. In bad weather or during holidays we are much busier so your order may take longer than usual.

How about the price and portion size of the dishes?

The same as those at the restaurants for sure!

What if I Order Drinks, Cigarettes or Cutlery Packs?

If beverages, ice, beer, wine or cigarettes are ordered with your meal there will be no extra delivery fee, though sometimes Mealbay does use two different couriers to deliver your food and wine, beer or cigarettes. If they are ordered alone, delivery fees apply.
In order to avoid the courier difficult to carry the beverages, so each drink order only can order 2 cases of soft drink or beer, if the big bottle of mineral water will be one case only.
Mealbay charges 1rmb for every cutlery pack ordered.


In most cases, payment is accept in cash only. Credit card payment is available only if the amount is over 1000RMB. We take cards with "UnionPay", please let us know while ordering or specify online so that we will bring wireless POS.


Tips are not expected, but are appreciated.Please email sunny@mealbay.net , if you are pressed by a courier for a tip, or if they do not have exact change.

What if happened some "Issues"?

If you have any problems with your order, please call the order hotline 400-820-3727, click the suggest button on Mealbay website or email to service@mealbay.net. For bigger issues email Mealbay Co-Founder, Sunny: sunny@mealbay.net .
It can be difficult to coordinate cooking and delivery times. Late or cold food may be compensated, but will not be given for free. We close our phone lines at 22:30pm. If you order late in the evening and have a problem, please either call the next day or email.

Alright, let's get back to order!