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Ash says:(2015-08-29 )
I actually got the order this time. Not sure what happened last time. These are great, I saw other r ... ...
G Water Front
wallace says:(2015-08-28 )
Order from here all the time for the dal, but its never the same.
Good size portions today
GJ White's Pizza
wallace says:(2015-08-28 )
Pizza definately hot and spicy. Really enjoyed great amount of toppings and very large, excellent va ... ...
GJ White's Pizza
Phoebe says:(2015-08-27 )
Very nice. Delivered quickly. Great taste, if anything toppings are great but i think a little too m ... ...
heureuxLena says:(2015-08-25 )
Love the combination, absolutely delicious and the cheese melts right in your mouth!
My Kitchen(Western Chinese)
Ash says:(2015-08-25 )
It's something like you would get from a Chinese restaurant in America. The rice noodles were really ... ...
Ash says:(2015-08-25 )
I never received my order, I ordered it around 3:30 and never got anything. Really disappointed.
GJ White's Frozen Foods/British Sausages&Bacon
Dawn says:(2015-08-25 )
First time i bought the smoked bacon and sausages, made my own sandwiches FAB FAB FAB
Definat ... ...
GJ White's Bakery & Hotdog(by Glo London)
Dawn says:(2015-08-25 )
sandwich great as usual, loads of fillings.
GJ White's Pizza
kevin says:(2015-08-24 )
Some of the worst pizza I've had in Shanghai. Crust was too thin to be called cardboard, but that's ... ...
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