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Taco Mama's
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Burger Captain
CALI Sandwich

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Mealbay News  
Happy 7th Birthday Le Creme Milano... 20% Discount...
Friday, August 1, 2014
To celebrate LCM 7th year Anniversary, they will be taking 20% off LCM gelato. Mandi Mandi who also sell LCM gelato will be giving 20% discount too. What are you still waiting for?Order some LCM gelato now.
*Only valid till 31st Aug 2014.
*Not valid with other offer.
Best milkshakes in Shanghai
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Nothing cools you off like an ice cold and delicious milkshake. Time Out present five of Shanghai's best milkshakes to help you combat the summer heat. Why not order a Cali Burger and Strictly Cookies milkshake today to test the theory...
Bella Napoli Photo Competition
Tuesday, May 6, 2014
A chance to WIN 2 round trip ticket from Shanghai to Napoli, Italy. Please visit their website for details.
*Valid from 6th May to 31th May 2014.
Glo London
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Now you can enjoy Glo Special "Steak Out" at the comfort of your home @ ONLY 100RMB.
Served with fries. *ONLY SUN-THUR, 16:30-19:00. *Not valid with other offer.
Valentine' Day heart shape cheesecake
Saturday, February 8, 2014
To celebrate the upcoming Valentine's Day. TIMA Cheesecake has specially catered a heart shape cheesecake for all lover out there.
*FREE delivery within the middle ring areas.
*Valid from 8th Feb to 14th Feb.
*Pre-order ONLY, 2 day in advance.
*Not valid with other promotion.
Tima Habour Cheesecake's Chinese New Year Special, free slice of cake
Thursday, January 30, 2014
Tima Habour Cheesecake will give out free slic of cake for a whole cake ordered during the chinese new year period.
*Valid from 31th Jan to 15th Feb.
*Pre-order ONLY,1 day in advance.
*Not valid with other promotion.
Mealbay will be open during Chinese New Year
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Mealbay will be open everyday during Chinese New Year Period. However, on 30th of Jan we will close @ 5pm.
All beverages and wines will be avaliable.
Most of the restaurants will be closed. The following restaurants will be open during the holiday: Alexander Pizza, Bella Napoli, Cali Sandwich, Captain Burger, Fusion Nanyang Cuisine, G-Water Front, Kebab on the ..
Le Crem Milano Chinese New Year Special, Free 500cc
Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Free 500cc for purchase of 1000cc box.
*Valid from 28th Jan to 9th Feb.
*Not valid with other promotion.

Recent Comments
Cali Burger
erikm2014 says:(2014-09-20 )
Feichanghao,I will definitely be a repeat customer!
Burger Captain
Giuseppe says:(2014-09-19 )
Delivery was 45min. Burger was HUGE. Really a nice juicy monster. Well done guys.
Alexander Pizza Fabbrica
Susanne says:(2014-09-19 )
Feichanghao,I will definitely be a repeat customer!
Organic Kitchen Shanghai
Susanne says:(2014-09-19 )
Feichanghao,I will definitely be a repeat customer!
Bella Napoli
Susanne says:(2014-09-19 )
Everything pretty good. Only the lasagna is a littly uninspired. Could use some salt or seasoning in ... ...
Strictly Cookies(Former Nom Nom)
Susanne says:(2014-09-19 )
Truly the best cookies in town. Some of the best I have ever had.
Pier 39
Jewel says:(2014-09-19 )
Love Pier 39 clam chowder in bread bowl!
Alexander Pizza Fabbrica
JoeJoe says:(2014-09-17 )
Feichanghao,I will definitely be a repeat customer!
Gordons Classic
bryan says:(2014-09-17 )
The lamb chops were delicious and the fried chicken was wonderful! Definitely want to re-order!!
The Thirsty Seahorse
JoeJoe says:(2014-09-14 )
Feta salad was good, blue cheese burger was a bit small and didn't contain the promised bacon.
Cali Burger
David says:(2014-09-14 )
Very happy with the quality of Cali Burger, will definitely order from here again. Delivery was quic ... ...
Orchard CRC(Singapore)
Rose says:(2014-09-14 )
Not as good as your authentic hawker center food in Singapore but a good alternative for satisfying ... ...
Le Creme Milano
Rose says:(2014-09-14 )
Not a big fan of the rhum and raisin but otherwise, enjoyed the hazelnut and chocolate. We will be b ... ...
Pho Asia(Vietnamese,Thai)
Rose says:(2014-09-14 )
We enjoyed our meal. Will go back soon!
Alexander Pizza Fabbrica
Rose says:(2014-09-14 )
Reasonably priced. I will keep ordering for as long as the free pizza promotion is there.
1721-1724, No.68 Xinqiao Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200003
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